2.1. I want to cancel my recurring subscription.

Just go to the Cancel subscription (CCbill) or Cancel subscription (Epoch.com) section of this site and fill the form. Your subscription will be cancelled instantly.

If you joined via GXBill European Debit / Lastschrift then please click here for European Debit / Lastschrift support.
In case you don't have the necessary info or simply lazy, send a letter with your username and sitename to support@rb-support.com and your subscription will be cancelled by the support team in 48 hours. But please try not to do it the last hours before the next billing date.
Remember, you have to know your subscription number to cancel the subscription online.

2.2. Will I be able to access the site after I've canceled my subscription?

Yes, you will. The cancellation merely forces your subscription not to renew. It does not affect site access in any way. You would be able to enter the site till the end of your current subscription period. So there is no point in canceling subscription the last day before it ends. If you definitely want to cancel, do it immediately.

2.3. I've filled the online subscription cancellation form but get the respond "Subscription not found in the database".

The most obvious reason is that you've entered something incorrectly. Usually it is either subscription number or e-mail address. If your e-mail address is entered incorrectly during the subscription, write to support@rb-support.com. (Epoch.com)

2.4. How do I know that my subscription is canceled and I won't be billed for another month?

You could tell that your subscription is canceled when you've seen the words "Subscription is canceled" either in a letter or on the screen after you've filled the form. If there were no such words, then your subscription is probably still active. There also should be a letter called "Subscription canceled notification". It is sent to you the moment you've canceled your subscription but you'll see it only if you've entered the correct e-mail address during the subscription. Cancel subscription (Epoch.com)

As for another month billing, we could ensure you that no one is billed after his/her subscription is canceled.


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